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Liberation 75


Global Gathering of Holocaust Survivors, Descendants, Educators and Friends
Commemorating 75 years of liberation ​

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Echoes and Reflections

Courses by Echoes and Reflections (sponsored by the Anti Defamation League, Yad Vashem and the USC Shoah Foundation) are free of charge. For information, see​​

Analyzing Propaganda and Teaching Media Literacy:
The Holocaust as a Case Study
Monday, October 26, 1pm-4pm


Echoes & Reflections empowers middle and high school educators with dynamic classroom materials and professional development. Offered and listed on their website is a powerfully-packed schedule of free year-round webinars, online courses, and in-person programs and other resources to help educators gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to effectively teach students about the holocaust.  

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The Stan Greenspon Center for Peace and Social Justice

One of the foundational missions of the Stan Greenspon Center is to educate and inform all people about the complex history of the Holocaust and how that history continues to affect our world today. We work diligently to provide teacher education, school programs, and community events to engage all ages in this topic.

Educator Programs

Centropa: Holocaust, History, Digital Literacy and the Global Classroom

Led by Lauren Granite, Centropa’s US Education Director
Four Sessions: Sept 15, Oct 13, Nov 10, Dec 8 Virtual: 7:30-8:30pm
Centropa ( offers free educational resources based on their interviews with 1,200 elderly Jews in Central and Eastern European countries. This series will introduce you to their interviews, photographs, and short films, and include classroom lessons presented by teachers. Topic: September: Introduction to Centropa; October: Kristallnacht/Kindertransport; November: Holocaust in Hungary; December: Sephardic Jews of the Balkans.

Women of the Resistance: Fierce Females
Led by Sheryl Ochayon from Yad Vashem September 22, 2020 Virtual: 12:00 - 1:00pm
Women were often at the very heart of resistance, whether spiritual, cultural, or armed. We will focus on the role of women, especially the part they played in armed resistance. This story has largely remained in the shadows or, perhaps, been overshadowed by the stories of armed resistance in the ghettos of Europe. Yet it is a story of incredible bravery exhibited by a group of Jewish girls and women. We will tell their stories. To register:


Next Generations is a nonprofit organization founded in 2004 by children of Holocaust Survivors, educators and others who care about social injustice with the vision of empowering future generations to be the messenger for all Survivors and keep their authentic voices alive.

NEXT GENERATIONS is excited to present their fall showcase of events – all on the digital Zoom platform.

All programs are being offered at no cost to you. However, you must register individually for each program. Space is limited, so please RSVP soon.

Just a sample of their many upcoming offering:

Tue, Oct 13
Dr. Felsen Webinar Series
Grandchildren of Survivors (3G)
Research is accumulating about the third generation and is starting to inform us about their experiences and about the relationships between them and their 2G parents.

Fri, Oct 23
Virtual Lesson
Defeating Hitler’s Final Solution: Preserving Yiddish Culture and Language Today with Riva Ginsburg
Keeping the Yiddish language alive is one of the most powerful ways to defeat Hitler’s goal of “The Final Solution”. Yiddish enables us to enter the doors of a magnificent literature and culture that helps us understand the soul of the Jewish people of pre-war Eastern Europe.

Sun, Oct 25
Dr. Felsen Webinar Series
Intergenerational Transmission
How does the experiential knowledge of an event that took place before one was born take place? How does a perspective of “dual reality” come to be represented in the lived experience of children of survivors?

Tue, Oct 27
Dr. Felsen Webinar Series
Midlife as an Opportunity
Age allows greater emotional and cognitive complexity, which in turn can enhance adaptive coping. Relationships represent a powerful system for mobilizing healing and sustaining us and are a particularly important resource as we grow older.

Sun, Nov 01
Dr. Felsen Webinar Series
The “Dual Reality” of Trauma Survivors and their Children
Coping with a current threat through the lens of 2Gs. The unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic has changed life on the individual and collective levels for everyone across the globe and for 2Gs. It has evoked reactions associated with the Holocaust.

Thu, Nov 12
Meet the Author Series
Join us to “meet the author” Roslyn Franken
Roslyn Franken is an internationally acclaimed author and inspirational speaker. She is best known for her book entitled, MEANT TO BE: A TRUE STORY OF MIGHT, MIRACLES AND TRIUMPH OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT, about how her parents, as two young Jewish teenagers, survived captivity.

Educator Workshops, Conferences, Seminars & Webinars

North Carolina Council on the Holocaust Teacher Workshops

Fall 2020 & Spring 2021 Online Workshops

Details & registration links:

10/15/20 4-5 pm Shelly Weiner, Raya Kizhnerman  
11/19/20 4-5pm Candles Museum and Eva Mozes Kor  
2/18/21 4-5 pm Dr. Zev Harel  
3/18/21 4-5 pm USHMM Historian
4/15/21 4-5 pm Miriam Klein Kassenhoff

• Workshops are open to North Carolina teachers in public, charter, home and private schools.
• Most appropriate for Language Arts and social studies teachers, Grades 6-12, including those teaching American and world history, geography, Holocaust literature; yet all teachers are welcome.
• Substitute pay is provided for public school teachers through the NC Council on the Holocaust, an agency of the N.C. Department of Public Instruction.
• Participants receive a packet of teaching materials, plus selections from the Council’s publication, The Holocaust: A North Carolina Teacher's Resource (available online on the Council website). 
• Visit N.C. DPI: or for registration information. 

Visit the Council’s website at to download the full Teacher Guide and to learn the Council’s other resources, including traveling exhibits, traveling plays, Holocaust survivor speakers, and the annual state Holocaust Commemoration. 

Workshops offered listed here:

Workshops are open to North Carolina teachers in public, charter, and private schools. They are most appropriate for Language Arts and Social Studies teachers in middle and high schools. Substitute pay is provided for public school teachers. Participants receive a packet of teaching materials, plus selections from the Council’s publication, The Holocaust: A North Carolina Teacher's Resource (available online in full via the Council website). Workshops are held throughout the school year at sites across the state. Contact the Council for more information.