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As many teachers and parents depend on online resources, our Center highlights these resources for teaching the Holocaust:

​Holocaust Learning Resources  (pdf)

From the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum:

Learn about the Holocaust
Commemoration Themes (6 themes with videos, Powerpoints, and more)
Online Exhibitions (17)

Teaching Guide for First Person: Conversations with a Survivor(pdf) This guide is for teaching the USHMM's live monthly program: .

From the N.C. Council on the Holocaust:
Holocaust Resources for Teachers

The Holocaust: A North Carolina Teacher's Resource
Online Teacher Resources (pdf)

​Lesson Plans

Lesson plans and activities have been created to assist educators in helping students explore the lessons of the Holocaust and their role in today’s world. The Carolina K–12 (a component of the University of North Carolina Program in the Humanities and Human Values) has aligned approved educational teaching materials with films of local NC survivors’ personal testimonies (appropriate plans for each survivor's film). All of these materials are accessible via links  here on our documentaries page.  These videos can also be viewed on our YouTube channel.

​The 2020 U.S. Millennial Holocaust Knowledge and Awareness Survey:

Disturbing Findings Reveal Significant Number Of Millennials and Gen Z Can’t Name A Single Concentration Camp Or Ghetto, Believe That Two Million Or Fewer Jews Were Killed And A Concerning Percentage Believe That Jews Caused The Holocaust.

Click here to view North Carolina survey results. 

Liberation 75​

Explore Liberation75's FREE Virtual Holocaust Library, featuring recordings of our past online programs, and specially-curated content by world-leading Holocaust organizations, educators & Survivors.

Click the image here >>> to read about how the Gizella Abramson Holocaust Education Act is being implemented in the Fall of 2023.