The Center for Holocaust, Genocide, and 

Human Rights ​Education of North Carolina 

Holocaust Speakers Bureau 

Thank You to our Generous Donors

Kaufman, LeslieAbram, Adam and Rosalind

Ackerman, Jim and Aud

Aikins, Kaye Anne

Airoldi, Chloie

Allen, Andree and Larry Kodack (In honor of Laura Flicker)

Alter, Robert and Shari

Anonymous (In honor of the important work of Lex Silbiger)

Asriel, Mary 

Austin, Leah

Axelbank, Arthur 

Bailin, Chip and Robin (In honor of Esther Lederman's 95th birthday)

Bartelmay, Kathleen and Perilstein, Roger (In honor of Sharon Halperin)

Baruch, Howard

Belitsky, Catherine

Benjamin, Mara (In memory of Elizabeth Mills)

Berley, Lisa (In memory of Rabbi Aaron Rabinowitz)

Bernard, Shula and Stephen

Beth El Synagogue

Bielawski, Bart and Sue

Bielawski, Mark

Bolton, Robert and Dorothy

Bouck, Christine

Brody, David

Brown, Steven and Sally (In honor of Esther Lederman)

Burton, Carma

Cain, Thomas 

Carolina Friends of the Foreign Service

Carawan, Heather

Central Carolina Community College

Celenza, Diana

Chaiken, Barbara in honor of her children

Chouake Foundation

Coonin, Bryna

Corsbie, Joseph

Culbreth Middle School (Joel Smith, Teacher)

The Cypress of Raleigh (in honor of Bonnie Hauser and Sheldon Bleiweiss)

Davidai, Michaela

Davie Poplar Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution

Delciotto, Christian and Summer

Dubose, Anna

Dworsky, Phyllis

Eastman, Joan and Edward

Eisner, Allison

Emerald Pond

ExxonMobil Retiree Club of Central NC

Fearrington Havurah

Feldman, Rabbi Jennifer

​Ferris, Marcie

Fink, Mark (In memory of Edit and Fritz Laser)

Fink, Renee

Finkel, Sue

Fishman, George and Sue

AM and Ruth Z Fleishman Foundation

Flicker, Laura

Freeman, Stephanie

Friedman, Judith Charitable Fund (In honor of Rose Mills)

Garber, Benjamin and Laura Landerman-Garber 

Gassner, Joseph

Geiger, Ricki 

General James Moore DAR Chapter

Ginsburg, Alan and Barbara

Gold, Lewis and Alice (In memory of Pfc. Aaron Dreizin and all verterans who have served our country and given their lives for peace)

Goldstein, Adam and Beth (In honor of Sharon Halperin and Esther Lederman)

Goldstein, Susan

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

Gordon, Alan and Barbara

Gordon, Mark

Grant, Adrian and Ilene (In honor of Sharon Halperin) 

Green, Morton and Rita

Greene, Henry and Marilyn Telen

Griffith, Anne and Carl (In honor of Esther Lederman's 95th birthday)
Goodrich, Nathalie (In honor of Esther Lederman's 95th birthday)

Gordan, Dana in honor of Ruth Gordon

Gutman, Robert and Laura

Guy, Daniel and Racquel

Halperin, Sharon and Ed

Harnett Central Middle School

Harrington, Philip and Gwynneth

Harris, Carroll and Josephine

Hartman, Marilyn

Hauptman, Martha (In memory of Marianne Roberts)

Hayer, Sheldon

Haynes, Carol

Head, Suzanne (In honor of Esther Lederman's 95th birthday)

Hertz, Ethan and Victoria
Herz, Ilene and Jerry. (In memory of Lottie Wertheim, mother of Maureen Wertheim)

Hibbard, Ken and Nora

Hoffman, Sheri (In honor of Sharon Halperin)

Hogan, Jane and Chris 

Holocaust Educators Network

Horwitz, Deborah (In memory of  Ellen Fertel Winstin)

Israel, Betty

Iverson, Harry

Jewish Heritage Foundation of North Carolina

Kadish, Alan and Connie

Kakovitz, Audrey 

Kane, Lynne K (In memory of Marianne Roberts)

Kaplan, Stuart

Kaufman, Leslie

Kozak Family Foundation

Kraft, Deidre and Robert (In honor of Shelly Bleiweiss)

Kudler, Harold and Susan

Lachenauer, Miriam (In honor of Renee Fink) 

Landsberger, Henry (In honor of Annie Winters Landsberger)

Lanford, Michael and Heidi

Lederman, Esther

Lederman, Michael and Sharmon Sollitto (n honor of Esther Lederman)

Lederman, Robert (in honor of Esther Lederman)

Lee County Genealogical Society

Leiff, Susi and Artie Axelbank (In honor of Sharon and Ed Halperin)

Leibel, Kevin and Ann (In honor of Esther Lederman)

Leibel, Sylvia (In honor of Esther Lederman's 95th birthday)

Levitt, Marc 

Lichtenstein, Moshe

Lieberman, Erica (In memory of Elizabeth Mills)

Levinsohn, Hunter and Jay

Levy, Stanley

Lilly Endowment 

Lipsitz, Joan

Liss, Jason and Ilana Osten (In memory of the Dachau ashes buried on May 25, 2014, Durham NC)

Long, Deborah

Long, Jennifer

Luberoff, Nancy and Bruce Boehm (In memory of Eric and Dorette Boehm)

Maia Szulik Holocaust Education Fund in Honor of Marianne Roberts

Marcus, Julie (in honor of Sheldon Bleiweiss)

Margolin, Constance

Mark and Anna Ruth Hasten Family Foundation

Marks, Judith and Arthur (In honor of Rabbi Polak and Martha Hauptman)

Marks, Larry and Caryn Hertz

Masse, Selena (In honor of Henry Landsberger)

Matthews, Betty

Mayer, Selma 

McDougle Middle School PTA (via Heather Bochicco)

McIntyre, Jessie

Meglin, Diane & Bruce Korn

Mele, Virginia

Meyers, Eric and Carol

Mills Family Fund of Triangle Community Foundation

Mills, Rose and Jeff Collins (In memory of David Mills)

Mintzer, Melanie (In memory of Ilona Fuchs) 

Moss, Lynda

Munn, Sheba 

Myers, Hal and Nora

New Hope Church of the Christian and Missionary Alliance

New Sharon United Methodist Church (In honor of Bonnie Hauser)

North Carolina Council on the Holocaust

O'Leary, Alison and Bryan

Onypchuk, Lana

Ott, Bill

Paige, Peter and Virginia

Pake, Wendy and Lee

Parkey, Jamie

Patrick, Kerri

Shipman, Paul (In honor of Sharon Halperin)

Person County Library

Peyser Charitable Fund

Phay, Robert and Jean

Phillips, Karen (In memory of Elizabeth Mills)

Polak, Joseph

Poleski, Barbara and Martin

Prosnitz, Leonard and Beatrice

Rabbi Steve and Sabina Sager (In honor of Sharon and Edward Halperin for all of the community work they do)

Rapp, Bryna

Rapp, Faye Davis and Gordon

Resurrection Lutheran School, Melinda Stephani, Teacher

Reznik, Alan and Elizabeth (In memory of the 6 million Jews who were killed during the Shoah & In honor of Sam, Michele and Jane) 

Rifas, Susan (In memory of Elizabeth Mills)

River, L

Robboy Philanthropic Fund

Rochen, Herbert and Mavis

Rosenwald, Elaine and David

Ross, Michael and Elizabeth

Rosse, Wendell (In honor of Esther Lederman's 95th birthday)

Rubin, David and Victoria (In memory of David Mills, father of Rose Mills)

Ruderman, Judith
Sack, Matthew

Sack, Ruth

Saints and Sinners at Saint Philip Lutheran Church

Salmon, Mrs. JB Schechter Foundation

Saltz, Marcia

Samet, Joan 

Schechter, Pearl (In honor of Esther Ledlerman's 95th birthday)

Schnog, Alfred and Anita Family Foundation

Schwartz, Bob and Merle

SearStone Retirement Community

Sendrovic, Israel and Esther

Sha Arei Shalom Congregation (In honor of Esther Lederman)

Shapiro, Karin
Shrott, Michele and Jeff Krolik (In honor of Esther Lederman)

Siegel, Gladys

Siegel, Ruth

Siegel, Susan (in honor of George Frankel's 60th birthday)

Silbiger, Alexander

Slater, Jane

Smith-Bryan Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution (In honor of Shelly Bleiweiss)

Smith, Robert and Jody Allen (In memory of Sarah Wurzelmann)

Sosensky, Steven and Sherri (In honor of Sharon Halperin)

Stendig, Eileen 

Stephens Family Foundation

Stillman, Laura

Strauss, Nancy (In memory of Albrecht B. Strauss)

Stuart H. and Diane K. Altman Fund

Stumpf, Bianka

Szulik, Gabriel and Orit Ramler

Tulchin, Andrew

Tulchin, Ben and Laurie Beijen

Tulchin, Judith

United Health Foundation

Wallack, Morris and Sue Egnoto (In honor of Esther Lederman's 95th birthday)

Watkins, Elizabeth (In honor of Hal and Nora Myers)

Weinraub, Sally 

Wertheim, Maureen

White Memorial Presbyterian Church (In honor of Bonnie Hauser) 

Wolf, Thomas

Woods Charter School (in honor of Debbie Long)

Wuerth, Hans and Ursula 

Yandle, Brian

Zarkin, Abby and Gary (In honor of Esther Lederman)

Zarkin, Joshua