The Center for Holocaust, Genocide, and 

Human Rights ​Education of North Carolina 

Holocaust Speakers Bureau 

Holocaust Commemoration Poster Competition
For North Carolina Middle and High School Students

The 2020 poster theme was
Courage, Compassion and Hope: Lessons from the Holocaust

This poster competition is open to all North Carolina middle and high school students. The goal of this contest is to encourage students to think about the acts of courage, compassion and hope performed during and after the Holocaust. Whether these acts were done by the victims themselves or others who chose to be “upstanders,”  they were prevalent  and surprisingly numerous despite extreme danger and risk.  Examples of courage, compassion and hope can include, but are certainly not limited to, joining a resistance organization, smuggling food into a ghetto, surrendering a child to strangers via the Kindertransport, observing religious traditions, rebuilding one’s life after being displaced, losing family members, or being stateless.

2020 winning entries

2018 winning entries


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